Preparing the paperwork to apply for life insurance takes a lot of work. Processing it takes even more.

Existing solutions for document processing fall short when it comes to processing the handwritten and typed application forms and the accompanying medical records. Underwriters and their support staff have to painstakingly review documents and enter data before they can approve a policy. Those who approve a policy the fastest are most likely to win the business.

HyperScience is an Intelligent Document Processing solution that automates document classification, and data extraction from handwritten and printed typed documents. HyperScience's solution is able to extract data from application forms, medical records, and supplemental documents that show medical history quickly and accurately. The extracted data is standardized and used for faster underwriting so the insurance company is able to provide much better service to its prospective clients.

In this webinar, you will see how we extract critical information from life insurance forms and supplemental materials at exceptional accuracy and speed, which allows us to help improve the customer experience for end customers.

Learn how HyperScience can help you:

  1. Automate extraction on over 80% of fields on incoming life insurance applications
  2. Achieve 99% accuracy on data extraction out of the box
  3. Leverage machine learning and human supervision to improve automation rates over time