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Increasing customer expectations, market competition and changing regulations put more pressure on financial services firms than ever before. When it comes to processing applications, reconciling old accounts, or handling account maintenance, customers expect answers quickly, and companies need to be able to keep up.

HyperScience streamlines the account onboarding and maintenance process, leveraging machine learning to automate document processing with exceptional speed and accuracy. Account opening and servicing is document-intensive, and manual data entry is slow, error-prone and expensive. What's more, legacy data capture solutions are fundamentally limited, lacking the ability to process handwriting or low quality images, and require significant developer resources to set-up and implement. 

Watch this 30-minute, on-demand webinar to learn how HyperScience can help you automate up to 95% of account opening and maintenance documentation with > 99.5% accuracy, improve customer experience and acquisition, and free up your workforce to focus on higher skilled work.